Do you need talent to be a writer?

4 November 2021 | Writing Comp

Author and writing coach Chloe Higgins explores whether writing stems from natural talent.

The Student Comps Graphic Design Prize

19 October 2021 | Writing Comp

We're launching a new prize, and it's one of our best ones yet. Check out the finer details in the article.

Voting and Competition Update

14 October 2021 | Writing Comp

Vote now for your favourite entries across all our three comps!

Meet the winner of our ‘On the Road’ giveaway

11 October 2021 | Writing Comp

Meet the winner of Septembers hashtag giveaway!

Love Your Bookshop Day

7 October 2021 | Writing Comp

This Saturday 9th October is 'Love Your Bookshop Day'.