What happens when you miss a day of writing?

17 September 2021 | Writing Comp

Read author and writing coach Chloe Higgins thoughts on missing a day of writing...

‘Just the beginning…of an identity crisis’ wins our August competition!

9 September 2021 | Writing Comp

Meet the winner of our August 'Just the Beginning' competition!

This September were ‘On the Road’

2 September 2021 | Writing Comp

Post your interpretation of 'On the Road' to your Instagram for the chance to win $250 Cash!

‘What is the central question in your work?’

18 August 2021 | Writing Comp

Written by Chloe Higgins – Author and Writing Coach  As I write my second book, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea that we don’t get to choose what we write. If we’re writing from ou ...

Meet the Winner of our ‘Worth the Wait’ Competition

9 August 2021 | Writing Comp

Our theme for the July Instagram Giveaway was ‘Worth the Wait’, and we had a number of awesome submissions. We enjoyed seeing a range of both hard-hitting and uplifting topics this month. ...